Liquid Lithium - Lithium Hypochlorite Sanitiser for Spas

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Lithium Is Back! - Liquid Lithium Spa Chlorine is an ideal spa sanitiser designed for everyday use in spa and hot tub applications. Liquid lithium is a pre-dissolved Lithium Hypochlorite solution that is effective and stable in high spa temperatures.


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Combined with SpaCare Minerals you can create a Magnesium-enriched spa that will help you feel more relaxed, soften your skin, and without the harsh smell of Bromine or Stabilised Chlorines.

We even created a Liquid Lithium Cheat Sheet, so you can switch straight to it, and get back into enjoying your spa!

This high strength formula Lithium Hypochlorite comes in a handy 1 litre dosing bottle for accurate dispensing.

Typical Dosage Rates in a Heated Spa: Dosage will vary. You may use less or more. Ensure you test water regularly with a quality Test Kit or Test Strips.

Litres Water Daily Dose*
500 20mL
750 30mL
1,000 40mL
1,500 60mL
2,500 100mL
5,000 200mL
10,000 400mL

Benefits & Details

  • The only Lithium Spa Disinfectant on the market
  • Liquid product – No dissolving of powders.
  • Approximately twice as stable as Liquid Chlorine.
  • Best In Class efficacy – same as old defunct solid lithium hypochlorite.
  • Eliminates corrosion problem from Bromine & NaCl salts!
  • Liquid Lithium is the most stable sanitiser in warm water.
  • Liquid Lithium is significantly more stable than stabilised chlorine.
  • The improved stability of Liquid Lithium will result in better efficacy and reduced chemical consumption.
  • When using Liquid Lithium, less impurities will be added to the spa water, resulting in improved life and performance of the spa’s heating element.

A Brief History

In 2018, granular and tablet forms Lithium Hypochlorite was the preferred sanitiser for spas and hot tubs. Competing sanitisers and their known issues (efficacy limits, safety corrosion etc) were unable to beat the Lithium option. When Lithium Hypochlorite was removed from the global market circa 2018 due to the competing demand for battery production, an unfortunate gap appeared in the sanitation mix offered by pool professionals.

Lithium is back and even better than ever in the form of Liquid Lithium. Australian chemists have engineered a patented pre-dissolved Lithium Hypochlorite solution that is stable even in high temperatures (50°+).