Madimack Eco Summer Heat Pumps for Pools and Spas - Summer Series

Madimack Summer Heat Pump Sizes: Madimack Summer 9kW

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FREE SHIPPING - Madimack Summer Eco Heat Pumps: Built with efficiency and simplicity in mind these super efficient season extenders are perfect for energy conscious minds. With built in low energy and night time mode efficiency is increased by up to 20%. With WiFi as standard you can switch your pool temperature and timers from wherever you are. With state of the art anti-corrosion casing built to last you can be sure your pool stays warm season after season. The Madimack Summer Series Heat Pumps are commonly called "Season Extenders"

If you'd like to know how quickly a heat pump will heat your pool or spa, please check out this table. <-- Click Here

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  • Greater affordability with high efficiency and low daily running costs.
  • The most effective and consistent heating option
  • Australian working temperature range from -10℃ to 45℃
  • Automatic reverse cycle frost protection
  • Easy to install - 1 day max
  • WiFi as standard
  • Anti-corrosion ABS casing
  • 25 Year Warranty on heat exchanger
  • 4 year warranty on all parts


Model SKU Power Recommended Retail Price
Madimack Summer 9kW SP-MM-SUME90 8A $2739.00
Madimack Summer 13kW SP-MM-SUME130 12.5A $3839.00
Madimack Summer 16kW SP-MM-SUME160 17A $4664.00
Madimack Summer 20kW SP-MM-SUME200 19.5A $5940.00
Madimack Summer 24kW SP-MM-SUME240 20A $7205.00


Madimack Pump Box. This is a device that allows heat pump control override of a chlorinator/dosing system/timer, using the same filtration pump for heating.

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