Onga Balboa, Whispair Plus Spa & Spa Bath Blowers


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Onga Balboa, Whispair Plus Spa and Spa Bath Blowers. Onga manufactured several varieties of this blower. They were made obsolete a few years ago after Onga was sold to Pentair, and then Pentair offloaded to Balboa. There are several replacements available now, listed below.

There are Common Replacements:

Manufacturer: Onga or Balboa Details:

  • Air Switch controlled, Variable Speed. Sanitiser Cycle (all spa bath blowers require a Sanitiser cycle by law)
  • Sanitiser Cycle: turns on the blower 10 minutes after shut down and runs for 30 seconds to purge any water sitting in the air line which may otherwise become stagnant.
  • Some were variable speed as well.
  • Whisper-quiet operation 
  • Strong airflow up to 120 m3/hr
  • Stainless steel motor shaft
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Easy installation within the spa zone or outdoors
  • 12-month guarantee

Like HOT water to Hotels, all Onga Hot Pumps have guaranteed controlled heat located in the Full-Flo of water. The corrosion-resistant heat-boost element is significantly more powerful than competing models.

The powerful integrated 'Auto Heat' system maximizes the bath water temperature making this pump ideal for cool nights, dual (air/water) systems, remote pump location or large capacity spas.

The strong, powerful and reliable design allows you to run this pump 24/7. The Onga Hot pump also incorporates multiple safety features which monitor water pressure, water temperature and motor conditions to shield against accidental damage.


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