Onga Jetset & Jetstream Spa bath Jet - UPGRADE KIT - 65mm

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Replacement Kit for older Obsolete Onga Jetset & Jetstream spa bath jets. Comprises Onga Invigorator directional jet internal and matching wall fitting as a kit to replace older Jetset barrels. New jets measure 65mm diameter vs older 69mm jets.

Replacing Old Jets to Upgrade:

  • The original wall fitting must be unscrewed from inside the bath and replaced with this new Invigorator wall fitting. Only unscrew one internal fitting at a time, as they are siliconed on the back of the bath. 
  • Screw new fitting into old socket. Seal with appropriate silicone.
  • Note: extreme caution must be exercised to prevent the jet body watertight seal being broken, otherwise bath removal may be required to effect repair. 
  • For old jet removal information - please see images. Use a screwdriver to engage the retaining clip slot through the eyeball - gently pry inwards and pull the jet internal straight out.

Obsolete Jets this is for: