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Ozone Air Pump - Heater and Spa Parts

Ozone Air Pump

  • From $115.00

Can be used with some Ozone generators to produce Ozone up to 24hrs/day, rather than simply relying on circulation pumps running. 

These German-made air pumps offer long diaphragm life, quiet operation and low vibration. 

Schego pumps are not only used for aquariums but also in many industrial applications requiring a long service life. 

Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 130 x 70 x 50 
Flow adjustment: Manual bleed screw 
Output (without airstone): 250 l/h @ 0 mtr, 220 l/h @ 0.50 mtr 
Max mWC (Pressure): 3.0 mtr = 0 l/h output 
Current consumption: 5 watt 
Noise: 39 dbA