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Pentair Mastertemp Gas Pool & Spa Heaters - aka Waterco Turbotemp

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Best Prices for Pentair MasterTemp, aka Waterco Turbotemp, pool heaters. Buy Online. Delivery available. We also service & repair Waterco Turbotemp & Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm gas heaters, on-site and can install in certain areas.




- Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger 
- Heats up fast  
- Eco-friendly MasterTemp® is certified for low NOx emission and outperforms industry standards
- Rotating digital display - can be installed in three directions
- Plastic, rustproof exterior (though, not the interior!)
- Can be installed indoors or outdoors
- Can be installed in enclosed areas with external air supply
- Made in USA, but not all it's parts are.

Our Pentair Mastertemp Pool Heater Review:

  Our Service Techs have repaired, and installed many of these heaters. We were also Warranty Agents for Pentair Heaters. Unfortunately Pentair proved to be one of the worst, and most heartless, companies we have dealt with in 20 years of business. 

  Their coverage of what we considered "Warranty" was very poor, with them rejecting almost all claims, even when we disagreed.

  The Mastertemp 125, 200, & 300 have fewer problems, whilst the 400 we have seen a *ton* of issues with. This may be due to more of them being sold.

  We do not recommend purchasing a Pentair gas heater unless your area is confined, and only a Pentair heater will fit.

  Other small things are extremely expensive to repair. eg. Hi-Limits @ $145RRP each, whereas other brands are as little as $20 each. An internal bypass (that commonly breaks) should cost less than $100. In Australia, they have not made that part available, so a $750 kit is meant to be purchased! CRaZy!

  They refer to Australian models as Heavy-Duty (HD), but this is only for the fact it has a copper-nickel heat exchanger. <-- Industry Standard for Australia

- Compact 
- Top can be rotated
- Plastic exterior shows little visible rust.

- Poor warranty coverage
- Plastic exterior hides internal corrosion
- Expensive spare parts
- VERY sensitive to Water Flow & Gas Pressure issues. When these are out of balance the heaters may be damaged extensively.

Overall Rating:
 - 1 out of 5 Stars for the Pentair Mastertemp / Waterco Turbotemp gas heaters.

Pentair Mastertemp Prices:
125HD - $2,410.00 SKU: 461092
200HD - $3,730.00 SKU: 460946
300HD - $4,070.00 SKU: 460945
400HD - $4,310.00 SKU: 460944

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