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Pool Cover Parts: Per M² - 500 Micron Streamline Dome Pool Cover - Polyweld (min 15m²)


All Polyweld 500micron pool and spa bubble covers come in rectangular sheets, and are trimmed to fit your pool or spa. Simply measure the length x width and order the m² you need, choose a roller, and cover attachment kit. We will contact you to confirm measurements, and order for you. :-)

Polyweld has been around since 1968 manufacturing swimming pools, truck side curtains, and water tanks. Drawing on more than 50 years of plastics fabrication experience, Polyweld Pool Covers are 100% manufactured and fabricated in Australia, made with only quality materials and processes.

Polyweld Pool Cover Streamline DomeTM material is manufactured with the highest quality polyethylene resins, with a proprietary UV stabilising system designed to suit the unique climate and harsh conditions of Australia. Our Streamline DomeTM 500 micron pool cover comes with a 3 year full replacement warranty and a 7 year pro rata warranty thereafter.

Our 10 year combined warranty is one of the best in the business. Quality and piece of mind, a Polyweld Pool Cover has got you covered.

Stop up to 97% of water evaporation from your pool!

Climate change is causing more frequent droughts. As a result, water conservation is more important than it’s ever been. An uncovered domestic pool can lose up to 55,000 litres annually*.

Large-scale water wastage not only costs households hundreds of dollars per year, it allows a precious resource already in short supply to literally disappear into thin air.

A properly fitted solar pool blanket or thermal pool cover can reduce this loss by 38,500 litres. That’s 38,500 litres that will not need to be topped up each year.

*Based on an average domestic pool located in Melbourne, Australia

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