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Raypak 127 & 167 Premium Gas Spa Heaters - Best Prices

  • From $3,960.00

Raypak Premium 127 and 167 Gas Spa Heaters. Best Prices.
There are some pool and spa heating applications that call for a more rugged heater that will meet the toughest of operating conditions and environments.

Rheem (Raypak) no longer allows prices to be listed online. Contact us or more information. Please note that any online reseller with prices listed online may Void any warranties on your products as per Rheem's online selling policies.

Rheem's range of Raypak Premium pool and spa heaters are built for these conditions and suitable for small to medium commercial installations.

Premium gas heater range features:

  • Robust powder coated all metal construction
  • Reliable and trustworthy performance
  • Cupro-nickel heat exchanger for greater protection against corrosion
  • All bronze headers for greater temperature tollerance and corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel constructed base Stainless steel combustion support structure
  • Powder coated heavy gauge metal casing to withstand the harshest operating conditions
  • Allows you to operate two motorised actuator valves (pool to spa changeover) and also has a pump run on timer, which protects the heat exchanger in the cool down mode
  • Energy saving "hot surface ignition" Integration capabilities with other pool and spa control equipment
  • Suitable for either indoor or outdoor installations (Outdoor hood supplied standard with heater)
  • Service code diagnostics
  • Child-lock function

Accessories Available:

Spare Parts:

  • Raypak 127 & 167 Spare and Replacement Parts