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Raypak 127 Gas Heater Spare Parts

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All available spare parts for Raypak 127 heaters available online. Choose your part from the diagrams below:


1. Jacket 
2. SS Jacket Base 
4  Refractory Support Assembly 
5. Flue Collector  
6. Refractory Front/Rear
7. Refractory Kit Front/Rear/Left/Right
8. Refractory Left/Right
10. Panel Jacket Top 
11. Hood Outdoor Lower Assembly 
12. Hood Outdoor Cap Assembly  
13. Panel Access Lower 
14. Panel Access Upper 
15. Panel Cover Lower In/Out Header  
16. Panel Cover Upper In/Out Header  
17. Panel Assembly J Box 
18. Door Assembly 
19. Panel – Jacket Upper Front 
20. Panel – Display and PCB Housing 
21. Electronic Control Panel (Grey)  
21. Electronic Control Panel (Black) 
22. Inlet Gas Pipe 
23. Gas Valve – Natural Gas White Rodgers valve supplied as Natural Gas only.  Conversion Spring 56600872 is needed to convert to LPG. 
23. Spring – Propane Conversion  
24. Transformer
25. Terminal Block 3 Terminal 
26. Fuse 3.15 Amp 
27. Ignition Module Ram
28. DIN Rail Not For Order, Illustrating Only.  
29. Relay Base 
30. Relay 24V (pre 14/4/09) 
30. PCB - Auto Reset (post 14/4/09) 
31. Cable Bush 
32. Switch Reset with 24V lamp



901. Tube Bundle 
902. Header – In/Out Assy  
903. Header Gasket  
904. Header – Return 
905. Unatherm Governor Disc 
906. Outlet High Limit Locater 
907. Flange Gasket 
908. Flange Plate 
909. PVC Union Adaptor 
910. Baffle (x3) 
910. Baffle Side (x2)  
911. Pressure Switch
912. Locator Sensor Probe Hi Limit 
913. T/Stat Hi Limit A/Reset 45 deg  
914. O-ring - Sensor 
915. Temperature Sensor Probe 
916. Spring Clip 
917. Auto Reset Bronze Hdr 
918. Washer 
918. Bolt
919. Nut 3/8” BSW Zinc Plated (24 per heater) 0
920. Washer 3/8*7/8*16G Flat Zinc Pass (24 per heater) 
921. Plug BR 1/8BSP Hex Head
922. Plug – Brass 



300. Burner Assembly – Propane 
300. Burner Assembly – Natural Gas  
301. Only available as part of Burner Sheet Metal Kit Not For Order, Illustrating Only. 
302. Manifold – no injectors  
303. Panel Assy - Burner Shelf 
304. Bracket Injector Plate 
305. Bracket Burner Hold Down  
306. Burner Bar
307. Igniter H.S.I Norton – All Gas Types 
308. Jet Burner 1/16” NPT 1.10mm Propane 
308. Jet Burner 1/16” NPT Natural Gas 1.90mm 

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