Refurbished Hurlcon Astralpool Gas Heater PCB - (MX HX JX WX) Thermostat PCB Main Control Board - 70280

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Refurbished Thermostat Control Pad PCB circuit board for all Hurlcon and AstralPool Gas Heaters. Comes with 90-Day Warranty when fitted by a qualified person. 

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(HX, MX, JX, WX heaters built after 2001.)  Part number 70280. Controls the temperature and shows error codes and heater status. Fast Shipping. Comes as PCB. Facias and Labels shown for information, but can also be purchased. 

This Circuit Board Suits the Following Hurlcon & Astral Pool Gas Heaters made after 2001:

  • HX Series: HX 70, HX 120, HX 150  
  • MX Gas Heaters: MX 125, MX 150, MX 200, MX 250, MX 300, MX 350, MX 400, MX 500
  • JX Gas Heaters: JX 130, JX 160
  • WX Wilton Gas Heaters: WX 70, WX 75, WX 120

 May also be labeled:

  • 70280 Genus 4 by Fabtronics
  • HEAT10.PCB Genus 4
  • HEAT13.PCB Genus 4
  • Genus 4 V2
  • P/N A814073-000
  • P/N A814073-001
  • P/N A814073-002
  • Genus4 Heater CTL
  • 16F888ITN09-0779-0000
  • 0927240622 B 504073-000 0701002969
  • Genus <-- only on heaters
  • Genus 2 <-- only on heaters
  • Genus 3 <-- only on heaters
  • Hurlcon 2.3
  • B814073-002 / B814073-003
  • 1833388694 / 1833388488
  • Also called heater control board or display board panel. 

Some older Hurlcon heaters may have only 3 buttons on the label, but has a cutout on the back for the 4th Pool/Spa button. You will need to replace the Sticker/Label on these.

Older Thermostats:
Older analogue and digital thermostats can be found here.

Refurbished PCBs:
We sometimes have Refurbished Thermostat PCBs. They will be listed below as A-Grade, or Brand New. Many PCBs are damaged from water ingress, overheating, and older labels that didn't have UV protection.  

Replacement Labels / Decals:
We strongly recommend replacing the label / sticker / decal when replacing the PCB, as some of the older ones were not UV Resistant. The "sticky" part also perishes when exposed to sun & weather over long periods of time.

Brand New boards are unused, in original packaging. 12-Month Warranty.

A-Grade Refurbished
boards have good screens, new buttons, etc. Have both Fast & Slow Comms. 12-Month Warranty. 


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