Gas Spa Heater Controllers - w/ or w/o Air Switches & Solenoids - Onga, Bosch, Everdure and others.

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Size: 1. Gas SC-02T
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These gas heater controllers are used to control older style "water heater" gas heaters for spas. Replaces old style semi-analogue & digital controllers and flow-activated gas heaters like the L.A.D. gas control equipment, SpaceAge, etc. Some use a solenoid valve. Others may not. Several version listed under Models belwo.

Suits many:
- Onga Ultra 
- Bosch Leisure
- Pyrox
- Everdure
- and many other (typically older) bypass style "water heater" gas heaters.

    1. GAS SC-02T - 2x air switched plugs, with timer, and solenoid
    2. GAS EC-02T - 2x air switched plugs, with timer, and also heater plug. No solenoid.
    3. GAS EC - no air switches. 240V outlet to switch heater off/on. No solenoid.
    4. GAS SC - no air switches. Opens / Closes solenoid to heater.

Space Age branded models - no longer sold. 



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