Spa Heater - Gas, Electric, Heat Pumps, Elements - Information Listing

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There are various types of spa heaters, depending on what you're after. We have a range of electric, gas, heat pumps available. Prices can range greatly depending on budget, quality, and needs. If you need more help, please just send us a message.

Spa Heater Types:

  • Replacement Electric Elements: Electric elements must be used with an approved control system. If you're just after replacement heater elements, go here or send us a message. 
    Spa Electric Heater Element Replacements

  • Standalone Electric Heaters: Standalone electric spa heaters are available. There are a few different types. Standalone heaters have built-in safety features, but must be connected to an appropriate RCD. Electric heaters are generally 1.5kW-65kW. Davey standalone electric heaters. Elecro standalone electric heaters. Waterco standalone electric heaters.
    Electric Spa Heater

  • Gas Heaters: Gas heaters are by far the fastest way to heat. They have enormous heat outputs from 17kW-110kW.
    For a range of Gas Heaters, go here.

  • Heat Pumps: Heat Pumps are becoming one of the most popular ways of heating. They have better power-efficiency over straight electric heaters.
    For a range of Heat Pumps, go Here.