Spa Power 750 SP750 Control System Replacement Kit

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SP 800 Options: Davey SpaQuip SP 800 w/ 2kW Heater
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Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 750 replacement kit. Comes complete with Spa Power 800 controller, touchpad, heater, and AMP leads.

Can Control:

* 1 x Circulation Pump
* 2 x Single speed spa jet boost pump
* 1 x Single speed spa blower
* Davey Spa-Quip LED light(can run up to 4 Davey Spa-Quip LED lights, also can run a new 12 volt LED light)
* 1 x Ozone generator

This system uses AMP plugs

Control kit includes:

1 x SP800 Controller with 2kW or 3kW titanium heater
1 x SP800 touchpad
3 x Overmoulded AMP cords

High Voltage AMP Sockets : Pump 1A (one or two speed pump) Pump 2 (single speed pump, this socket can't be used if socket 1A has a two speed pump fitted). AUX Output (this socket can run a blower or pump) SPVSB (this socket can only be used for a Davey Variable speed blower) Circ Pump Socket, Ozone Socket.

Low Voltage Sockets inside controller: 2 X Touch pad sockets, 4 X Davey LED light sockets, 1 X in-pool temp sensor socket, 1 X 12volt light Output.

NOTE: If a 2-speed pump is fitted to Pump 1A socket you can't use 1B socket.

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