Spa-Quip MK4 Temperature Sensor - SP600 SP601 SP800 SP1200


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Spa-Quip Davey new style in-pool temp sensor with 3m lead(also available in 10m Q915445-10). Fits with a mini din plug. Suits the following models: SP600 SP601 SP800 SP1200.

This sensor is not required as these models have a in-line temp sensor.

They are just used only if you would prefer to monitor the in pool temperature instead of the heater tube temp.

Most commonly used on a swim spa for a more accurate temperature. 

It also may be desired to monitor the actual spa water temperature rather than heater tube temperature to more accurately sense water temperature, particularly in cold climates where the heater tube/plumbing cools faster than the spa when the pump is not running.

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