Spa Start-Up & Balance - No Longer Sold

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Ensures spa water is balanced when fresh-filled.

Contains Oxyshock / Calcium / Alkalinity Increaser

A unique formulation designed to balance Spa water. Raises Calcium Hardness, Total alkalinity and pH. It contains non-chlorine Oxidisers to combat any organic contaminants. Coagulates suspended solids. Provides scale and corrosion protection. Reduces iron and copper staining.
Alkaline pH 10 - 11

**No longer sold** Use individual ingredients at start up of Spa. (Total Alkalinity Increaser & Calcium Hardness Increaser) 

We've found that the Start up All-in-one was causing some calcium scale to form, and no longer suggest using it. 

300 g per 1,000 litres of Spa water