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SpaNET SV4 Spa Controller and Spare Parts - Best Prices

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SpaNET SV4 Spa Control System and Spare Parts. The SpaNET PowerSMART SV4 Spa control system sets a new standard in equipment levels for small to medium sized spas. Designed to operated 2, 3, or 4 pump* spas, the SV4 features Smart Variable Heater technology with Dynamic Thermal Tuning. SV4 Controls are supplied ready-to-connect to SV Series Heat Pumps and the SV Smartlink Wifi.

Also sold as Vortex Spas VSX4 - All Parts are interchangeable, with the only difference being the touchpad label.

1 or 2-Speed Pump + 1-Speed Pump OR 1x Circulation Pump + 3x 1-Speed Jet Pumps,
Blower, Ozone, LED Lighting

For Spare Parts:
Identify whether you have a V1 or V2 Controller.
Serial Number Format is: SV4 1000 0002 3000 (V2)

If there is no (V2) noted, please select V1 parts.
If there IS a (V2) noted, please select V2 parts.

Replacement Spare Parts Available:
- Complete control system with touchpad
- Controller with heater
- Touchpad Keypad Control Panel
- Main PCB V1 / V2
- Brain PCB V1 / V2
- Heater V1 / V2
- Optical Sensor
- Blower Triac
- Transformer
- 50mm Barrel Union (1 set)
- SV WiFi Module

SpaNET SV4 User Manual

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