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Spaquip Maxiflow Jet Booster Pumps - Maxi-Flow Replacements - 1.5hp 2hp 2.5hp 3hp

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Spaquip MaxiFlow Spa Jet & Circulation Pumps. The Spa Quip Maxi Flow Booster Pumps were the ideal pump for retrofitting into existing spa pools and can provide up to 600 litres per minute. Originally distributed by Aqua Pacific Pty Ltd

Available in single or two speed models with varying flow rates the range offered the flexibility to run a large number of jets. They are now superceded by the following:

Model HP Wattage Speed LPM Replacement Plug/cable
Q6882 1.5HP 1100W Single 540 QB1501 C38, AMP, or JJ
Q6883 2.0HP 1500W Single 540 QB2001 C38, AMP, or JJ
Q6887 2.0HP 1500W Two 540 QB2001 C38, AMP, or JJ
Q6884 2.5HP 1800W Single QB2501 C38, AMP, or JJ
Q6888 2.5hp 1800W Two QB2502 C38, AMP, or JJ
Q6885  3.0HP 2100W Single 560 QB2501 C38, AMP, or JJ
Q6889 3.0HP 2100W Two  610 QB2502 C38, AMP, or JJ

These are now obsolete. They are replaced by the QB series pumps listed above. Do not order from this page. 

Q6882, Q6882-AMP, Q6882-C38. Q6882-JJ
Q6883, Q6883-AMP, Q6883-C38. Q6883-JJ
Q6887, Q6887-AMP, Q6887-C38. Q6887-JJ
Q6884, Q6884-AMP, Q6884-C38. Q6884-JJ
Q6888, Q6888-AMP, Q6888-C38. Q6888-JJ
Q6885, Q6885-AMP, Q6885-C38. Q6885-JJ
Q6889, Q6889-AMP, Q6889-C38. Q6889-JJ

SpaQuip Maxi-Flow Spare Parts:
Barrel Unions
Pump Body
Mechanical Seals



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