Davey Spaquip Spa Power 600/601/800 Heater Element Tube Assembly - 1.5kW/2.0kW/3.0kW- SP600 / SP601 / SP800

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Size: 3.0kW Ti Heater for SP 601/800
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Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 600 / 601 / 800 heater element / tube assembly. This is the newer Titanium element since 2016, which retrofits the older obsolete Teflon-coated elements. These are more sturdy heaters than the older type. This assembly comes with new high-temperature sensors and water sensor. 

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New heaters have Titanium elements and a slightly different body. The old ones have been superseded by this new Retrofit assembly. New Style Heater Wiring Diagram Instructions

Suits the Following Spa Controllers:

  • Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 600 & Spa Power 601
  • SP600 / SP601
  • Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 800
  • SP800 / SP 800

SP 600, 601, 800 Heater Element Sizes & Models:

  • 1.5kW Heater -15146-15SP 
  • 2.5kW Heater -15146-20SP
  • 3.0kW Heater -15146-30sp

Other Names:

SpaQuip Heater, Spa-Quip Heater, SpaQuip 3kW, SpaQuip 2kW, SpaQuip 1.5kW, SpaQuip 3.0kw, SpaQuip 2.0kW, SpaQuip 1.5kW, SpaQuip 3kW heater, SpaQuip 2kW heater, SpaQuip 1.5kW heater, SpaQuip 3.0kw heater, SpaQuip 2.0kW heater, SpaQuip 1.5kW heater, Davey 3kW, Davey 2kW, Davey 1.5kW, Davey 3.0kW, Davey 2.0kW, Davey 1.5kW, Davey 3kW heater, Davey 2kW heater, Davey 1.5kW heater, Davey 3.0kW heater, Davey 2.0kW heater, Davey 1.5kW heater, Spa-Quip 3kW, Spa-Quip 2kW, Spa-Quip 1.5kW, Spa-Quip 3.0kw, Spa-Quip 2.0kW, Spa-Quip 1.5kW, Spa-Quip 3kW heater, Sp-aQuip 2kW heater, Spa-Quip 1.5kW heater, Spa-Quip 3.0kw heater, Spa-Quip 2.0kW heater, Spa-Quip 1.5kW heater,

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