SpaQuip Spa Power Davey Piranha Union - 50mm & 40mm - Nut Tail O-ring

Size: 40mm

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Unions fit almost all Spa-Quip, Spa Power, Davey, SP, Maxi-Flow, Piranha pumps. All SpaPower SP 600, 800,1000, 1200, 2000 spa controllers. They also fit many Hayward pumps and filters. Note, they have been black, white, and red and were used by several companies. For replacement o-rings: 40mm / 50mm

50mm Suits:

  • Spa Power 1000 & 2000 Control Systems (heaters)
  • SP601 / SP800 / SP1200
  • SpaQuip Maxi Flow pumps
  • Piranha Jet & 2-speed pumps
  • Many older Hayward pumps and filters
  • Many older PoolPower Chlorinator cells (1 end only)

 40mm Suits:

May Also Be Called:
50mm - Spa Power 601 Union, Spa Power 800 Union,Spa Power 1000 Union,Spa Power 1200 Union, Spa Power 2000 Union, SP 601 Union, SP 800 Union,SP 1000 Union, SP 1200 Union,SP 2000 Union, Maxiflo Union, Hayward Union, Piranha Union, SpaQuip Union, SpaQuip Barrel Union, Spa-Quip Barrel Union, Piranha pump union, spa-quip union, heater union

40mm - Piranha circulation pump union, euro circ pump union, ampac pulsar union, ampac union, sp 500 union, spa power 500 union, raypak 131 union, raypak spartan union

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