SpaQuip Spa Power SP 1000 / SP 2000 Replacement Control System - Digital 1000 Digital 2000 Endless 3000

SP1000 2000 Replacement Options: Control System Kit w/ 3kW Heater

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This kit is the ideal replacement for older, obsolete Spa Power 1000, and Spa Power 2000 Spa-Quip control systems. AKA SP1000, SP2000, Digital 1000, Digital 2000, Endless 3000. 

Update 24/02/2021: Davey has no real ETA on these, but it is looking like they won't be available until May 2021. This is not set in stone, and changes from week to week. 

This generally requires no plumbing changes, but will need new leads or plugs fitted to existing equipment. This kit comes with Complete spa control system, Rectangular touchpad, and new AMP leads to fit to existing pump, blower, etc.

As with all electrical work, this must be fitted by a qualified, licensed, person. Ideally, they should be familiar with spa equipment. 

Control kit includes:

  • SP 1200 controller with 3kW, 4kW, or 6kW Heater (old heater will be labeled)
  • SP 1200 Rectangular touchpad
  • 1x 2-Speed AMP lead
  • 3x 1-Speed AMP lead

Can Operate:
Up to 5 pumps:
2 x single speed pumps or 1 x 2 spd pump
Additional 2 x single speed pumps or 1 x 2 spd pump
Additional Blower or another 1 spd pump
plus variable speed air blower, Ozone, LED lights



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