Strip Skimmer Suction for Spas & Wooden Hot Tubs - Waterway and S&P

Model: S&P Strip Skimmer - White 168LPM

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Replacement strip skimmers for spas and hot tubs. Strips skimmers for spas and hot tubs were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. They are still used on wooden hot tubs. Most older ones had no flow ratings, so must be fitted with an appropriate secondary/tertiary suction system. Most faces are interchangeable. Listed below are the most common types.

S&P Strip skimmers:

  • The only models with flow ratings of 168 litres per minute. S&P Spa Strip Skimmer. Utilized on a vast number of spas for many years. This is the most popular style used. Older version had a 40mm male thread and faucet elbow requiring a 47mm hole size, These are no longer available. They only come in white.
  • 40mm plumbing - complete with street elbow 
  • 237mm high x 110mm wide x 25mm deep 
  • 60mm hole-size required in spa shell

Waterway strip skimmers

  • Come in white or grey. Straight 40mm slip connection
  • 40mm / 1.5" pipe
  • 60mm hole size
  • Maximum wall thickness: approx 30mm

Waterway Hot Tub skimmers

  • Uses the standard strip skimmer with extended fittings
  • Suits wall / stave thickness up to 60mm.
  • 2" threaded elbow
  • 60mm hole size
  • Maximum wall thickness is approx 60mm 

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