Universal Outdoor Spa Air Blowers - with Air Switch - Onga Dega Quiptron

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Onga, Dega & Quiptron spa air blower bubbler with Air Switch. For blowers without an in-built air switch, go here. It is extremely important to replace faulty blowers. The air lines in the spa need to be flushed regularly to prevent build-up of bacterial growth, such as Legionella.

Official www.dega.com.au, Quiptron & Onga replacement blower.

This Outdoor spa blower comes with, or without, air switch. Supercedes all Onga, Dega, Quiptron air blowers. Suits any outdoor spa air blower installation. Note that all new blowers are single speed, unlike some other 3-speed blowers.


  • Fits standard 50mm PVC or 40mm with reducer
  • Built-in check valve
  • 1200W Motor
  • EMC Suppression
  • In-built Thermal High-Limit

Supercedes All:

  • Dega
  • Quiptron
  • Onga

 Supercedes Part Numbers:

  • Dega Part Number Cat. 1-0412-00 3880 / 1000 and others.
  • Dega  1-0415-00
  • All other Dega Blowers
  • Onga Blower Model 1041700
  • Onga Blower Model 1320900
  • Onga Blower Model 1320300
  • Onga Blower Model 1043000
  • Onga Blower Model 1043100
  • Onga Blower Model 1042600 (w/ Air Switch)
  • and all other similar Onga, Dega, & Quiptron Blowers

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