Universal Spa & Spa Bath Headrest Pillow - Flat - Velcro

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Universal gray headrest for spa baths and spas. Used by Dimension One and others. Can be fitted to many types of spas. 240mm x 110mm x 30mm thick.

Velcro twin lock fixing for a universal fit to suit many applications with a flat surface Supplied with primer for secure attachment of twin lock Velcro. 

Basic Installation:

  1. Clean area for attachment with Isopropyl Alcohol (or Methylated Spirits)
  2. Apply Primer94 to the spa shell where strip of Velcro will be placed.
  3. Wait 5 minutes.
  4. Remove back from Velcro strip and place on to spa.
  5. Press Velcro firmly to ensure strength.
  6. Press Pillow onto the Velcro strip.

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