Water Resistant Gel Wire Joiners - Scotchlok

Type: 2-Wire

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Waterproof, super-quick wire joiner / splicers that dont require stripping back the insulation. Simply slide the 2 or 3 wires into the connector, and crimp with a pair of pliers. Great for joining communications, low-voltage lighting, or other small wires.

  • 19-26 AWG conductor
  • Standard connector
  • 2 port wire splice
  • Twin blade
  • Gel filled to protect from moisture
  • Flame retardant: No
  • Splicing wires of different gauge
  • Max. Insulation OD 0.060" (1.52 mm)
  • Fast, simple and reliable termination
  • No wire stripping required
  • For use with solid copper conductors only

The splicing connectors utilize an insulation displacement contact design for fast, simple, reliable terminations. No wire stripping is required and connectors will accept wire of the different gauge. All connectors are Gel filled to provide moisture resistance and inhibit corrosion. For use with solid copper conductors only. Typical uses include Butt Splicing 2 or 3 wires of the same or varying gauges. Perfect for pigtail and load coil splice applications. For best results, crimp with appropriate Scotchlok™ crimping pliers.

The Scotchlok Series employ a specially designed wire insulation displacement contact to make a reliable electrical connection to each wire. A "live-spring" joint is made by driving the wire down into the "U" contact connector. This simple process displaces the insulation and grasps all conductors with a firm, resilient pressure, all in one motion. These connectors include a factory installed sealant to protect against corrosion and seal out moisture.

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