Water Witch - Automatic Pool and Spa Water Level Controller - AutoFill by Cooke Industries

Parts: Water Witch w/5m Cable - Complete System

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The Water Witch is Australia’s own automatic pool leveler! The Water Witch is fully designed and manufactured in Australia for the specific needs of Australian pools, spas and water features. Great for all new pool installations for concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl pools. 

Basic Installation:
Simply run Two 40mm - cl9 or 50mm - cl9 or cl12 pipes from the pool. Connect one pipe (with solenoid) to mains water, and drop the sensor at water-level in the other.

How Does it Work?

  • The Water Witch is an electronic automatic water levelling device which uses a unique and patented electronic sensor to detect if the water in your pool is below the recommended level. Filling your pool has never been so easy.


  • Designed and manufactured exclusively in Australia with authorised plumbing approval Australia wide.
  • Designed for ‘Set and Forget’ installation with one less chore to do – automates your swimming pool one more step.
  • Only certified Automatic Water Leveller in Western Australia and is suitable for any type of pool or spa, it is also suitable for ponds, tanks and water features.
Control Box

Co-ordinates the above items with visual indicators of status.
Solenoid with indicator arrow that controls the flow of water.
Leveling Sensor
Our patented leveling sensor designed to fit into 40mm and 50mm Class 9 pipe. NOTE: The sensor will not fit into 40mm Class 12 pipe

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