Waterco Digiheat Inline Electric Heater Spare Parts

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Digiheat Part

Spare parts for all Waterco Digiheat Inline electric spa and pool heaters. Choose from the dropdown menu, or by the list below. We also stock complete Waterco Digi-Heat electric inline spa and pool heaters listed here.

1.Enclosure Cover
2. Enclosure
3. Digiheat Element Houseing Drilled
3a. Gulfstream Plug
3b. O/T Sensor Digiheat Potted
4. Digiheat control assembly
5. Element 3.6kW coated
5. Element 2.4kW coated
5. Element 4.8kW coated
5. Element 6.0kW coated
5. Element 8kW coated
5a. O-ring for element
6. Cable gland 10-14mm
7. Quarter turn key
8. Digiheat power board PCB – 1 phase
8. Digiheat power board PCB – 3 phase
9. Pressure switch
10. Half union 40/50mm black
11. Mounting bracket small
12. Mounting bracket large
13. Element cover Digiheat 3-phaswe
14. Element cover cap Digiheat 3-phase
15. D25 contactor / relay
Flocheck valve digiheat 50mm wco
26mm orifice
18. Valve sensing stem (digiheat)
19. Black/white wire connector #61145
20. Spa heat element housing
Digiheat manifold outlet
Digiheat manifold inlet
Flowcheck flapper assy 50mm