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Edgetec Enhance Heated Spa Bath Blower with Eezi-Air Touchpad. These blowers are commonly found in Stylus, Decina, Englefield, Kohler, and many other brands of spa baths. They can be used on any spa bath that has an air blower.

Variable Speed, built-in heater. For outdoor installations, the cover must be purchased from the drop-down menu.

Features & Specifications:

  • Sanitizer Cycle - All spa bath air blowers require a Sanitiser cycle by law, and this is the only blower on the market available that does so.
  • Built-in air release - Prevents the motor from burning out when only a small amount of air is needed in the bath
  • Optional Weather Cover - The outdoor Enhance Weather Cover, when fitted, will have a water protection rating of IPX5. It also reduces noise level by a further 4dB (130%)
  • 220-240volt, Motor 600W, Heater 400W
  • 1 Horsepower
  • 64db@ 1meter, Amps 4, IPX5,
  • 40mm outlet
  • Speeds - 1: High 2: Med 3: Low 4: Ramping 5: Off 
  • Auto-Off - Blower automatically switches off after 30 minutes.

Sanitiser Cycle:

  • By law a spa bath used in a bathroom needs to have a sanitiser cycle.
  • This blower is compliant and turns on the blower 10 minutes after shut down and runs for 20 seconds to purge any water sitting in the lines so that it does not become stagnant.


  • Manufacturer: Edgetec
  • Model: 3700 with 6510
  • Overall Length: 316mm including plumbing
  • Width: 152mm
  • Height: 176mm

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