Zero Tolerance Abuse Policy

The global Covid-19 Pandemic has brought upon the world things our generation and humanity has never experienced before. It has created new demands, shortages, logistics issues, and worst of all illness and death.

These things have changed the way many people have had to do business, including us.

Demand for Spa Parts & Pool Heating has grown tremendously, as people are spending more time at home than ever people. 

There are many things out of our control, and things we are doing our best to cope with. Lockdowns & Restrictions mean that some staff are stuck at home with their kids doing home schooling. This goes right through the supply chain. In addition, manufacturers and distributors are face with many issues out of their control as well. 

We understand the frustration of it all. We're right in the middle of it! While we have seen and had 99% of our customers being totally understand and great, there has also been an increase of abuse and raised emotions.

We deal with Spas, and Pool Heating. These are First-world luxuries, not necessities! At the first sign of any kind of abuse, raised voices, threats, childishness, or other negative behaviour; our relationship is over.

No one comes to work to deal with that kind of behaviour. We are all here to do our best, and we work long, hard hours doing so. We aren't perfect, and no one is.

Thank you for your understanding.