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Spa Ozone Not Working - Testing - FAQ

General Ozone Generator Information:

  • Ozone generators typically have a life expectancy of 3-7 years.. As they are generally just a high-voltage spark-in-a-can, it's very rare for any decent branded ozonator to fail prematurely.
  • To test Ozone output you need to ensure appropriate suction is at the ozone generator, and then an Ozone Detection Kit like this can be used to test output.

No bubbles in spa:

  • Almost all modern ozone generators produce ozone passively. They do not have an internal air pump and don't product bubbles directly.
  • To inject ozone into the water, most modern spas use a venturi injector like this. If the venturi doesn't have enough water pressure through the positive side or the internal valve is worn, they don't create the vacuum required to pull ozone from the ozone generator.
  • Ensure all parts of the Venturi Injector, and any Check Valves are in good condition. There should be a slight vacuum in the tubing. 
  • Diagram of a standard Venturi Injector:
  • Some older spas used a Venturi Tee like this, which was a simpler system that then injected ozone + air into a port like this.
  • Also check your filters are clean, pump is clear, and jets are all intact.

Ozone Generator Light Isn't On:

  • Most modern spa ozone generators only have an LED indicator for incoming power, not the production of ozone. This includes Balboa, DelOzone, Davey, Aquasun, CMP, and more. Balboa ozone generators often have a very faint LED behind the clear lens.
  • Generally the power to Ozone is controlled by a spa controller and may only be powered during a set time, when it's filtering, or on some sort of  delay. 
  • Test the LED light by plugging the ozonator into a known 230V power source. Even ozone generators that no longer produce ozone will often have a working LED light. Check fuses and check the power source's socket for 230V.

Replacement for Chemicals:

  • Unfortunately there is a ton of misinformation given to people by spa sellers and some pool shops. Ozone does not replace a sanitiser or mean that you don't need other chemicals. You will always need to keep your water balanced (Total Alkalinity, pH, Calcium, plus a sanitiser). 
  • Ozone reduces the amount of chemicals you use. This is typically anywhere from 20-60% less.
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