Dega Degas Gas Heater Ignitor Coil - Spark Ignition

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Diamond L-081 H5H AC100V 15KV-P Dia-Sparkor. No Longer Available.


This heater is now obsolete. Parts stopped production in 1994. Some heaters were assembled using new old stock until approximately 1999. Very few repairs may be available.

Replacement heaters are available, and come with new airswitch with timer. Contact us for more information. |

De-gas Dega High Efficiency Compact Spa Heater 100 MJ For Natural & LPG Applications AGA Approval No 4433 | Dega Research Pty LTD Model: DE-GAS 100MJ Part Number 1-0989-00 | Onga Item No 1002850 SPAPAK 100mJ NG T/C BR9000 663 / Item No1002800 / Part No 1098800P

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