Spa-Tech C-II Heater Assemblies - 2.0kW & 3.0kW - Oasis Spas & Others

Size: Spa-Tech C-II 3.0kW Heater Assembly

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Spa-Tech C-II 2.0kW & 3.0kW heater assemblies used on Chinese imported spas from Oasis Leisure Products & others. Comes with manual and auto-reset high-limit sensors and 2x temperature sensors. Does not suit Spa-Tech C-III controllers

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Oasis / Spa-Tech Spare Parts:
Spa-Tech C-II Spa Control System
Spa-Tech C-III Spa Control System
2.0kW Spa-Tech Heater Assembly
3.0kW Spa-Tech Heater Assembly
Spa-Tech Touchpads
Spa-Tech Temperature Sensors

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