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F2 Errors on Hurlcon & Astralpool Gas Heaters

F2 errors are reasonably common on gas heaters made by Hurlcon & Astralpool over the years. There are several reasons why this occurs. Follow these steps to check to see the cause, and how to rectify this issue. Click any links below for more information.

In Order to check the cause of an F2 error, Check these Things:

  1. Ensure Filters are clean and there is plenty of water flow through the heater
  2. Check Valves are in the correct posisitons.
  3. Check internal bypass of heater (HX, MX, JX, HiNRG gas heaters only). If spring, disc, spindle are not working, or are missing, these need to be replaced.
  4. Inspect Hi-Limit Switches & Brass Plugs. Corroded high limit switches will cause an F2 error, as will leaking brass plugs. Hurlcon & Astral have used a few types over the years. If a brass plug has leaked and shows any signs of corrosion, it needs to be replaced. If a hi-limit is open-circuit, or shows any sign of corrosion, it too needs to be replaced. See below for the most common parts needed to repair an F2 error:

If everything is working well, then the other cause of F2 errors may be gas pressure, poor combustion, blocked heat exchanger or some other issue. We always recommend a qualified person check these.