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Astral, Zodiac, Fluidra, Hayward Shipping Delays & Errors

Reposting the below information. Note that we receive two deliveries per day from Fluidra (Astralpool, Zodiac, Hurlcon), as well as we often pick up orders when possible. See below:

As we first posted back June 2019, Fluidra (based in Spain) took over Astralpool (Hurlcon) and Zodiac. They have since merged to both come under the same Fluidra banner. They were closed for a period of time. 

Then in the beginning of August 2019, they completely shut down to begin the merge of their IT/Computer systems worldwide. All products stopped shipping, and there were major delays in despatching goods. We posted about this here and here to advise of delays.

In the meantime, as with many multinational mergers, they have focused on getting whole products out and following on with Spare Parts Deliveries. We posted about delays here in early October. Then we posted again in early November here.

They are still having some teething issues, getting spare parts in particular, as they continue with the merge. This has had a major affect on the pool & spa industry worldwide. 

We are sending products out as soon as we receive them and are manually checking our parts now. Some spare parts have been incorrectly sent to us, or manufactured incorrectly, particularly on older parts. Unfortunately, we have no control over this, so your patience is appreciated.

Things like Hi-Limits, Pressure Switches, Current Circuit Boards, Gas Valves, and many other parts are usually in stock, so these are rarely a problem. As always, please contact us first if you need things urgently.

Background:  We are an Authorized Service & Repair Agent for Fluidra (Astralpool, Hurlcon, Zodiac, Hendy, Jandy) and carry out many Warranty & Service repairs for Astralpool, and have a close relationship with them as Jerry worked in the Research & Development and Production departments within the company. 

We know they are working hard, with many new people employed, and many changes, to get everything sorted out as quickly as they can. This comes at a cost of frustration for some consumers in the mean time, as well as retailers and service agents.

We are in contact several times per day, and will update with news as we receive it. We're on your side, so please don't take any frustrations out on us.