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OBSOLETE - Ampac Pulsar SQ1000 SQ1500 Series Spa Controller & Parts

This product is No Longer Sold and/or Obsolete.
Please read the description for more information.


OBSOLETE - NO LONGER AVAILABLE. NO PARTS AVAILABLE. REPAIRS NOT AVAILABLE. System will need to be replaced. See replacement options below:

Ampac Pulsar Series / SQ 1000, SQ 1500 Series, Intuitive, Monarch Deluxe Command, Spa-Quip SQI750, etc. Common control system found in older spas. Also branded Spaquip / Aquaswim / Aquapacific and others. 

They came in several variants & brands, but all are known as "Ampac or Pulsar" controllers. They were manufactured in the 1990s, before being taken over by Spa-Quip, which in turn was bought by Davey.

Replacement Options

  • OPTION 1 - SV Mini 1 Retrofit Kit ReOperates 2 pumps + Light OR 1 Pump + Blower + Light. If you have more than 2 pumps, or more than 1 pump plus 1 blower, use Option 2 below.
    • Requires re-plumbing & new pump
    • Plugs will need to be changed on equipment
    • Requires new light
  • OPTION 2 - SV Mini 2: Operates up to 2 pumps + Blower + Lights.
    • Requires re-plumbing & new pump
    • Plugs will need to be changed on equipment
    • Requires new light

    Model Numbers These may be known by: 2081SPA, 2081SPA, 2082SPA, 2083SPA, 2083, 2083SP, 2084, 2084SPA, 2095, 2095AA1, 2095AA2, 2095AA3, 2095AA4, 2095AA5, 2095BB1, 2095BB2, 2095BB3, 2095BB4, 2095BB5, SPA95V6, 916494, SQI750

    Bath controllers: 20712M, 20713M 20715M, 20716M

    Ampac Intl. Pulsar/Aquaswim/Aquapacific/SpaQuip Intuitive spa control systems were invented and made in New Zealand before SpaQuip took them over. Then several years ago, Davey bought SpaQuip, discontinuing most parts. The SP400 was then made to replace the majority of the Ampac Pulsar systems.

    Ampac Pulsar Heater Wiring Colours:
    Old wiring colours may be different. The latest heater wires colors are*:

    • Blue: Neutral - Located at the top
    • Green: Earth - Wired where the plug is White. Connects to ''water DET"
    • White: Connect to "Water DET"
    • Black / Orange: Connects to ''Temp DET'
    • Brown: Active - top right relay. 

    *Note that all electrical work must be performed by a qualified person. We cannot guarantee all wiring colours to correspond, but an electrician should be able to confirm locations using their appropriate tools.

    Ampac Pulsar / Monarch Deluxe / AquaSwim Controller Spare Parts:

    Ampac Systems, Wilton Industries,et 

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