Astralpool Connect 10 Universal Heater Controller Kit - Connect Any Heater to a Connect 10

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Can I use another brand or type of heater on a Connect 10? YES you can! This kit allows almost any brand of gas heater or heat pump to be controlled by an Astralpool Connect 10 Pool & Spa control system. Works with all Raypak, Hayward, Zodiac, Madimack, EvoHeat, Theralux and other pool or spa heaters.

Connect 10 Setup:

Hardware: Fit temperature sensor kit inline, before the heater. Then in the Connect 10, a panel needs to be removed, and the the "SYSTEM/LOCAL" jumper needs to be switched to "Local".

Software: In the Connect 10 Setup Wizard, under "Heater," go to "Is a Genus Heater installed?" Select "No". Under "Use Connect temperature sensing?" Select Yes.

Then in the Channels setup select the Channel that will control power to our module. (Often Channel 8)

Plug in module to the assigned output set above, then use figure-8 or other appropriate 2-core cable to wire heater in series with the gas/heat-pump heater's flow switch, or dedicated low-voltage switching circuit (fireman switch). You may need to consult with the heater manufacturer to find the best way to connect (Almost all of a Flow or Pressure Switch that can be used)

This work must be done by a qualified person. 

Water Rating: IP23
Warranty: 12-months Return-to-Base

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