Aqualevel Automatic Spa & Pool Water Filler - Adjustable & Portable

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CMP Aqua-Level automatic water leveler / filler. Perfect for keeping a pool or spa topped up automatically using a water hose. Can also be used to fill a spa, and walk away. Perfect for holiday homes too! This is the simplest and easiest auto leveler on the market. 

Simply adjust desired water level, connect hose and the Aqua-Level will fill or top up you pool or spa to the desired water level.

No more monitoring pool water level in high evaporation times during summer
Also suits service technicians that are refilling a spa or pool and don't want to have to monitor the level whilst carrying out other maintenance on-site or at a nearby location.

Approximate water height adjustment range (water level to top of pool coping):
approx. 90mm - 270mm

Simple threaded float adjustment to adjust desired water level.

How It Works:
- Simply plug in your hose. (we recommend on a fairly low pressure, if you plan on leaving it unattended for long periods of time).
- Adjust the float to the level of water desired.
- A simple mechanical valve then opens and closes as the water level changes.

25604-000 / 25604-009 In-ground Model