Spa Flow Switch 19mm - Used on Sundance, LA Spas, Hot Spring, Artesian etc - Harwil

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Flow Switch commonly used on LA Spas, Artesian Spas, Hot Spring Spas, and Sundance® Spas

  • Also used on other brands
  • Fits 19mm tube for inlet and outlet
  • Made in USA


Model: S-168, S-860, Q-12DS-C2, 24-0027-71,6560-860, 34-0221, Harwil

This flow switch used with Gecko MSPA-MP spa packs, and others.

Also marked Harwil  3/4" ribbed barb connections plus 3/8" ribbed barb 3rd connection which can be plugged if not used - may be used as an air bleed port by some spa brands. These are extra low voltage. Max ratings - 10w, 30vAC/60vDC, 0.4A