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E10 Spa Circulation Pump - ITT Laing Xylem Goulds Thermotech - also Jacuzzi

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Genuine E-10 Circ Pump. Branded Xylem, Laing, ITT, Thermotech Goulds. This spa circulating pump used in many spas since the 1990s. Commonly found in Sundance Spas, Monarch Spas, Jacuzzi, Hot Spring, Sweetwater Spas, Dimension One Spas, Southwest Spas, Sierra Spas, Heritage Spas, Lanark, Caldera and many other. Perfect pump for running Ozone and Filtration systems. 

This is a genuine E-10 pump with Australian Electrical approvals. Approval ESV180553. We are aware of others selling a lower-spec unapproved import.

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These pumps can last many years if well looked after. The most common failure is due to old filters, which cause the pump to starve of water.

We always recommend to replace filters when changing these pumps. Avoid any kind of clarifier used in the water. Dry-running, Cavitation, Grit, & Starvation are the biggest killers of these pumps. 

This pumps can also replace the E3 & Silentflo 5000 E5 Laing pumps, but have a higher flow rate for better filtration.


  • The new E10 uses 40% less energy and runs 40% cooler than previous models.
  • Super cheap to run - 65w power consumption
  • 60 lpm (15 gpm) flow maximum
  • 6.5m head maximum (double the flow of the older SM959 model)
  • 29PSI / 2 bar
  • 3/4" barb connections 
  • L-150mm x W-110mm x H-130mm
  • 140°F / 60°C
  • less than 40 db noise level 
  • Use of existing original pump cord may be required if we don't have plug type needed. 
  • For use in any spa application - filtration / heating or 24 hr ozone systems.

 Also Supersedes & Replaces Part Numbers Below:

  • Goulds Water Technology / ITT Laing Thermotech / Sundance / Hot Spring / Watkins
  • All SM303 / SM909 / SM959 SERIES
  • Part Numbers: E5-NSHN2W14, E5-NSHNNN2W14, NSHNDNN2-05, SM1212NHW-19, E10-NSHN2W-20, E10-NSHNNN2W-20, E10-NSHN2W-20 1", SM1212NHW-21, SM909NHW-14, E10-NSHN2W, SM909NHW-18, SM909NHW-26, SM959NHW26-88, SM959-26, E10-NSHN1W-19, SM-959-NHW-26,
    E10-NSHDNN2W-05, 73379, 73479, Watkins PN: 301393, 301393F, 6080U5016, 6080U0021, E10-, P3020, 73369 / 301392 (Watkins), SM-1212-NHW-1", 74079, 73979, SB-909, Caldera / Watkins 74427, SM-909-NHW, 73349, Sundance 6000-125, SM303, SM909, SM959, am 959 nhw, SilentFlo 5000, 73989, E3 LAING CIRCULATION PUMP 10-0126 SM-303-NHT, Model M SM-403-NHW, 99129
  • LAING 68219, PU-L68219-3, L68219
  • Spa Industries, Signature: APUMCIRLAE
  • Jacuzzi Circ Pump 6000-125E - E10 240V 50 60 Hz. Used on all Jacuzzi J-300
    • ALL 2002+ Models: J-320,J-325, J-330, J-335, J-340, J-345, J-350, J-355, J-360, J-365, J-370, J-375, J-380, J-385 

*Warranty: 1 Year. Return for assessment.    

  • Ensure Pump is Mounted 100% Horizontally Level. If pump sits crooked, the impeller may rub.
  • Remove any Strainers as they can restrict flow, and will void warranty if this damages the pump.
  • Avoid using any kind of clarifier in the water, as they can invisibly block the cartridge filter.
  • We always recommend replacing the cartridge filters, and refilling the spa without any use of clarifiers, when replacing these pumps.
  • The manufacturer will not cover improper installation, poor chemical balance, running dry, or restricted water flow.
  • See images below for evidence of scratches caused by running dry. Ensure on installation, and after each refill of the spa, that the circulation pump is primed and correct water flow is observed. An air-locked pump will fail due to dry running which is not covered by warranty and may result in a new pump being required. 
  • Warranty does not cover salt-chlorinated spas.

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