Ferropre GENUINE - 2-part Heavy-Duty Epoxy Repair Kit

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Kits of Genuine FERROPRE Part A & B 7606 - 1 Litre. 2-part Epoxy for PVC, Plastics, Metals and more... This is the original, genuine Ferropre, *not* the lower-quality Deks or Aztec putty. Made by the trusted Loctite Henkel brand.

Originally came in Two Metal Cans, but now is in a plastic container, to make it easier to get that last bit out! Ferropre epoxy can last ages in it's container.

Please note that there are sellers claiming to be selling "Ferropre" when in reality they're selling the lower-quality Aztec & Deks imported generic products. The other type has different ingredients, poorer mouldability, and does not adhere as well as Ferropre.

We've literally sold and used tons of all the brands, and will not use anything other than Genuine Ferropre for our own jobs.


  • Two-part epoxy resin bonding sealer
  • Exhibits a putty-like consistency to allow bonding and filling of large voids
  • Cured system is resistant to a range of corrosive chemicals
  • Cures underwater
  • Curing can be sped-up with gentle heat
  • Sticks to metals, plastics, masonry, porcelain, metals, ceramic, brick, concrete, copper, PVC, and fibreglass
  • Boat repairs, patching concrete, fixing steel piping, furniture repairs, sink and tub repairs, tile repairs and fuel tank repairs. 
  • Resistant to most chemicals, salt water, diesel, petrol, jet fuel, oils, etc
  • Resistant to heat and cold. 
  • Stable to 160°C before some charring. 
  • Hardens like concrete but with some flexibility.
  • Excellent moulding and shaping characteristics.
  • Once the epoxy has cured you can machine, drill, saw, sand, grind, and paint. 
  • Stick down tiles on pools and spas. Including underwater. 
  • Repairs broken plastic fittings 
  • Great for use in pools & spas. 
  • Patches and fills damaged concrete.


  • Pool & Spa plumbing
  • Pool & Spa repairs
  • Suitable for filling and sealing plumbing systems.
  • Repair leaks internally & externally on PVC, cast iron, etc
  • Soil, waste and ventilation pipes and fittings, general repairs, concrete, metal and steel. 
  • Repair corroded manifolds on heaters
  • Patch & fill concrete.
  • Patch concrete and some metal water tanks

Note: Dip hands in water before grabbing and mixing the two parts of putty. Keep hands in moist. Not recommended for HDPE, LDPE and some other plastics.

Can be warmed up to cure more quickly. Do not heat so much as to cause bubbling or charring. 

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

Henkel Loctite | Blackwoods #: 00512448 | Mfr #: 213685 | UNSPSC #: 31201600 | 2000001468609 

Common Misspellings & Mispronunciations: therapree therapreen thereapree therapreen therapree therapre ferapreen ferepree fereapre ferapreen therafreen 

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