Filter Cartridge Cleaner Tool - Boreal Jetzo Kokido - for Spas and Pools


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Take the hassle out of cleaning your pool and spa filters with the Boreal filter cartridge cleaner. Featuring an on/off button and a regulator valve to control the amount of water flow, it easily connects to any standard garden hose for operation. The fork shape design and seven jet nozzles cleans the filters better by getting in between the pleats.

Works great with various brands of pleated filter cartridges, such as popular offerings from Magnum, Darlly, Astralpool, Davey, SpaQuip, Monarch, Signature, INTEX, Pleatco, Filbur, Unicel and all other pool and spa pleated cartridge filters.

Suitable for cleaning cartridges for:

  • Inflatable spas
  • Acrylic / Fibreglass spa
  • Above-ground pools
  • Inground pools

Filter Cartridge Cleaner

  • Cleans filter cartridges to improve filtration and extend their life
  • 6 powerful water jets clean up to 6 pleats at a time
  • Cegulator dial to control amount of water flow
  • Button to start and stop water flow
  • Connects to standard garden hose.
  • Water jets are directed to a single focal point at 20cm / 8": distance to clean stubborn dirt.
K140/SPA K140CSSPA  Kokido Cartridge Cleaner 

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