Gecko MSPA-1 circuit board PCB - Export CE 230v, 50Hz

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Gecko MSPA-1 circuit board (suits white metal box only)
For 230v, 50Hz export Australian and European applications - all outputs 230v
MSPA-1 spa packs are white metal boxes with flow through tube below. They were sold in Australia from 1999-2002 only (serial numbers start with 99, 00, 01, 02)
Not to be confused with MSPA-MP blue plastic box version which are completely different
MSPA-1 pcb typically controlling 2 speed pump one, one speed pump 2, blower, ozone, light and heater TSC-8 / K-8 eight button touchpad compatable.
(will not work with 3 pump 10 button K-4 touchpads used with MSPA-MP packs)
4 x logic jumper settings on the circuit board allow selection of the following:
low / high current mode - heater load shedding setting
blower / no blower
pump 2 / no pump 2
pump 2 - 2 speed / pump 2 - single speed
*NB this setting MUST be set to single speed - there is no 2nd relay on the board to allow a two speed pump 2 to connect