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LX WTC50m Spa Circulation Pump

  • From $225.00

LX WTC50M Spa Circulation Pump found on imported spas.We don't recommend these pumps due to low-quality seals, bearings, and plastics. Note that most online sellers have absolutely no Electrical Approvals on these pumps. For a few extra dollars you have have a name-brand pump, with long warranty and far better quality. See table below.

Alternatives With Same Fittings: (no plumbing changes generally needed)

Model: Warranty: Differences:
LX WTC50M 1 Year Poor Seals & Materials / No Approvals
LX JA35 1 Year OK Seals
LX JA50 1 Year OK Seals- Higher Output
SpaNET XS-3C 2 Years OK Seals
Davey QB035 3 Years Best Seals - Viton Rubbers


  • 0.35HP
  • Hmax: 3.8m
  • Qmax 240 l/min
  • 220-240V 50HZ 1a
  • P1 0.25kw 250watts
  • 1400 r/min
  • Ph 1 Class 155(F) 
  • IP x5
  • cap 7uF
  • F/450V S1
  • Max Water Temp: 50°C
  • Thermally Protected

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