Nature 2 Spa Sticks - Spa Sanitizer - Natural Spa Pool Purifier

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Nature 2 Spa Stick, Last 4 months

Active Constituent: 10g/kg Silver (Ag) present as metal

Nature2 Spa Stick Natural Spa Pool Purifier

The Nature2 Spa Stick is a mineral based spa water purifying system that uses silver, zinc and copper to kill bacteria and algae which reduces the load on sanitizers. Nature 2 sticks also soften the water making your water feel better.

This revolutionary process of patented mineral-bed technology naturally destroys pathogens in your spa.

The Nature2 Spa Stick automatically disperses silver and zinc ions into your spa, maintaining your water quality while reducing chlorine requirements.

Silver is an effective bactericide

Copper and zinc are used to combat algae

Additional minerals soften the spa water.


  • Not affected by heat or swimmer load.
  • Reduces stinging eyes and skin irritation.
  • No moving parts or electricity required.
  • Use with an approved oxidiser for a safe, clear spa.


  • Chemical free spa water treatment.
  • No harmful chemicals ~ Easy to use Safe and gentle on skin, hair, eyes and nose
  • Just set and forget... keeps your water clear for four months!
  • Lower chemical use, Softer water, Cleaner water, More pure water, No stinging eyes, No harsh chemical odours, No damaged or bleached costumes, Stable water

How does N2 work?

The silver, copper (express & professional) and zinc (spa sticks) metals are attached to a ceramic substrate; due to its large surface area we are able to maximise surface exposure to the water.

As water flows through the Nature2, silver and copper particles are dissolved into the pool water.

Silver has a natural (Saturation point). This means that the silver can only reach a certain level in the pool water. The cartridge will then stop releasing silver into the pool. Dissolved silver concentrations can only rise to 0.01 to 0.06ppm which has no risk of staining.

Dissolved oxygen in the water attaches to bacteria. The dissolved oxygen laden with silver damages or destroys the bacteria.

Copper is not stored in reserve in the Nature2 cartridge but is all released on start up.


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