Old Style - Hot Spring 1.5kW Heater Kit - 1989-1994

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Hot Spring Spas 1500w Heater - replaces 1989 - 1994 heaters with capillary thermostats replacement kit. 

Replaces ALL older large grey plastic body heaters with coiled elements on pre-1994 models. (not models with electronic temp sensors threaded into the heater).


  • 3/4" barbs for tubing connection
  • Re-use existing plug / connection
  • High limit bulb in the original heater must be cable tied to the outlet side tube on the new heater.


  • 2 x Cap-Off Plugs with o-rings to close the electronic sensor holes (fitted in place as per image) 

  • 3/4" clear tubing x 2  

  • 6 x 3/4" spring loaded pressure clamps (wire type) 

  • Barbed coupling fittings X 2

*As Hot Spring spas generally have no flow/pressure switch protection, its extremely important that you ensure water has flooded the heater and is flowing through the plumbing (primed) after installation and after every drain/refill. Failure of the heater due to 'Dry Running' will likely result if the heater has not properly primed. This is not a manufacturing defect and therefore not a warranty covered failure.