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SensaHeat ES Series Spa & Pool Heat Pumps - with WiFi

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SensaHeat ES (Eco) with WIFI 9kW, 13kW, 16kW, 20kW, 24kW - an entry-level heat pump and one of the best Economical pool and spa heat pumps on the market. From Australia & NZ's largest OEM spa equipment distributor.

We prefer Sensaheat heat pumps over all other brands including Madimack, Evoheat Theralux/Theratherm, Pentair, Hayward and more. 

Price Match: We will match or beat any legitimate price, in writing, from an authorised reseller on a similar heat pump from Madimack, Evoheat, Theralux, Pentair, Hayward. Send us your quote.

Benefits & Features:

  • SensaHeat comes from Spa-Craft, the largest OEM equipment supplier to spa manufacturers. They're also the distributor for Balboa, Gecko, CSN, CMP, Davey, and many other brands. They have warehouses in NSW, VIC, WA..
  • On display at our showroom
  • Free Shipping Australia-wide
  • User & Installation Manual
  • Sensaheat has a massive support network.
  • Spare Parts Easily Available <-- we can't say that about any other brand!

  • More Information:

    Really Cool Features:

    Can be set up to be fully automated with the Sensaheat Heat Pump controller. This allows heater to come on anytime to maintain heat.

    Can be controlled by a Balboa, SpaNet, Gecko (AEware), Davey spa control system using the Sensaheat Relay Controller. This allows you to set the temperature from your standard spa touchpad.

    The above add-ons and the 3-way valve kit comes heavily discounted when purchased with a Sensaheat Heat Pump!

    About the Sensaheat ES:

    Designed as a long-lasting, highly efficient pool and spa heater.  The ES series is packed with modern features, including an energy-saving full inverter power supply, an easy-to-use digital control panel and our Wi-Fi control from anywhere app. The ES series is ideal for heating a spa or extending the swimming season of your swimming pool.

    • Wi-Fi as standard
    • Highly efficient inverter technology
    • Reverse cycle (heat and cool mode ) with auto defrost
    • Easy to use digital controller
    • R32 Eco-friendly refrigerant
    • Titanium heat exchanger
    • Warranty - 25 Years (Heat Exchanger) / 3 Years (Compressor) / 2 Years (Parts) / 1 Year (On-Site)
    • These heat pumps are 3-7 times more efficient than a standard heater element in a spa.

    Pool Heater Sizing Guide: *

    Spa Heater Sizing Guide **

    5° Per Hour (Max) 10° Per Hour (Max) 20° Per Hour (Max)
    1000l 6kW 12kW 24kW
    1,500l 9kW 18kW 36kW
    2,500l 15kW 29kW 58kW
    5,000l 29kW 58kW 116kW
    10,000l 58kW 116kW 232kW


    * These values are calculated using the average temperature, humidity and wind speed in the location listed. The above table lists sizes for an extended season with a swimming temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

    Calculations are based on average pool dimensions for an in-ground pool using a cover with a run time of 10 hours a day with an average wind exposure and standard shading.

    ** Spa temperature rises are based on an insulated spa with thermal hard cover & ideal conditions. Temperature rises are a maximum theoretical temperature rise for water and based on the maximum output of a heat pump.

    Where possible we recommend going at least one size above to avoid dissapointment. These tables are a guide to be used as a guide only and we take no responsiblity for innaccurate sizing, as there are too many variable to account for all scenarios.


    • Wifi APP control
    • COP up to 11 - (Air 27℃/Water 27℃/Humidity 80%) The Sensa-Heat ES will adjust the heating capacity according to the pool temperature. When running at 20%-25% speed, it reaches the highest COP11. With low-speed running philosophy, Sensa-Heat ES is more energy saving than a On/Off heat pump. 
    • R32/R410A gas - R32 is a new gen refrigerant for pool and spa heat pumps. Sensa-heat uses this in all models making for a more efficient heat pump with a lower environmental impact.
    • EEV technology - 10 times flexibility to adjust the gas flow and increase COP by up to 20%.
    • Twisted titanium heat exchanger - 40% higher efficiency than normal titanium heat exchanger.
    • Soft starting - Soft start technology smoothes out the start up power demend. And can reduce start up power demand by up to 70%
    • Hot gas defrosting - Saginomiya 4-way valve for quick & efficient deforesting.
    • Stable DC Inverter
    • Anti-rust ABS casing
    • Designed for 0℃ operation

    Details & More Information:

    Model HPES09 HPES13 HPES16 HPES20 HPES24
    PERFORMANCE CONDITION: Air 27°C/ Water 27°C/ Humid. 80%
    Heating capacity  9.0kW 13.0kW 16.0kW 20.2kW 24.2kW
    COP Range 10.5~6.2 10.8~6.3 10.7~6.2 10.8~6.2 10.8~6.3
    Average COP at 50% Speed 9 9.2 9.1 9.1 9.2
    PERFORMANCE CONDITION: Air 15°C/ Water 26°C/ Humid. 70%
    Heating capacity 6.5kW 9.0kW 11.0kW 14.0kW 16.0kW
    COP Range 6.5~4.2 6.2~4.5 6.6~4.3 6.5~4.2 6.6~4.5
    Average COP at 50% Speed 6.1 6 6.1 6.1 6.2
    Operating air temperature 0℃~43℃
    Heat exchanger Twisted Titanium Heat Exchanger
    Power supply 230V/1 Ph/50Hz
    Rated input power 0.28~1.55kW 0.41~2.01kW 0.50~2.56kW 0.60~3.26kW 0.72~3.81kW
    Input power at 50% Speed 0.53kW 0.75kW 0.9kW 1.15kW 1.29kW
    Rated input current 1.21~6.73A 1.76~8.70A 2.17~11.12A 2.61~14.16A 3.13~16.56A
    Maximum input current 8A 12.5A 17A 19.5A 20A
    Sound level at 1m dB(A) 41.6~53.5 43.9~54.0 46.2~57.3 46.3~58.1 46.9~58.7
    Sound level by 50% speed 1m dB(A) 46.8 49.5 49.7 50.6 51.1
    Sound level at 10m dB(A) 21.6~33.5 23.9~34 26.2~37.3 26.3~38.1 26.9~38.7
    Advised water flow rate 50-85lpm 65-100lpm 100-135lpm 115-170lpm 165-200lpm
    R32 gas weight  550g 900g 1000g 1100g
    Net dimension LxWxH (mm) 864*359*648 864*359*648 954*359*648 954*359*748 954*429*755
    Net Weight     47kg 49kg 60kg 68kg 65kg
    * The data above is only for reference. For specific data, please refer to the nameplate on the unit.

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