Shock Right Plus - Chlorine Free Oxidiser - 500gm, 1kg, 2kg

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International Quadratics’ Shockright Plus is a chlorine free oxidiser that is perfect for oxidising spas, as well as reducing chloramine in swimming pools. This product’s unique blend makes it applicable to all ionised pools, leaving a lasting oxidising effect.

Contains Active Oxygen 5.6% Blend of Persulphates. A blend of persulphates (non-chlorine oxidisers) containing 5.6% available oxygen. Acidic pH of 2-3. 


  • Ionised Pools: 1 kg per 50,000 litres
  • Spas: Initial dose - 60 g per 2,000 litres. Then Weekly dose - 30 g per 2,000 litres / Heavy Usage - 30 g per 2,000 litres twice a week

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