Spa Touchpad Adaptor Plate Facias - Various Sizes

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Various Touchpad Adaptor plates that can be used when replacing touhcpads with a different type or brand. If unsure, choose a plate that will cover the spa-shell hole, and cut out plate to suit new touchpad.

Options & Sizes:

  • 215mm x 101mm (Hole Size 93mm x 30mm)
  • 207mm x 72mm (Hole Size 95mm x 26mm)
  • 214mm x 100mm (Hole Size 135mm x 34mm
  • 215mm x 100mm (Hole Suits in.k300 130mm x 36mm)
  • 215mm x 100mm (Hole Suits in.k450 170mm x 59mm
  • 216mm x 100mm (Hole Suits various 163mm x 65mm)