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SpaNET Mini 2 - SV Spa Control System and Wifi Option - SV Mini 2

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6-Plug SpaNET Mini 2 SV Retrofit Spa Control System with Heater. Retrofits many spa controller systems, such as the old SpaNET XS-2000 & XS-3000. Great replacement for many spa control systems. Add options such as Heater Size, Cables, Lighting, and Wifi.

Mini 2 Retro-Fit Pack comes with:

Optional Add-Ons:

Can Control:

  • Circ Pump (1 or 2 Speed) PLUS
  • 2x Jet Pumps PLUS
  • Blower PLUS (allows Variable / Ramping speeds on most spa blowers)
  • 1x 240V constant power (Ozone/UV)
  • Max 25A Total Load

Retrofit Lighting Note: Some older lighting systems may not be compatible with the newer SpaNet Systems. We generally recommend the standalone light be fitted where you have an older 2-wire or similar lighting system.

If you have the round-pin light plug you can also fit an RJ45 connector to suit the newer SpaNet systems. See here for converting round plug to RJ45 (requires RJ45 crimper and plug from Jaycar, etc). 

Other Notes: If replacing an XS-3000 that has a 1x Circ Pump plus 3x Jet Pumps and a blower, this system will not suit. We generally recommend the SpaNet SV3 which will require significant changes.

More Information:

Setting a new standard in entry-level spa controls, the Power SMART SV Mini is the small spa control with the big spa features. The compact control system and remote heater design offers complete flexibility for installation in spas with minimal space, but does not compromise on functionality with a host of advanced and energy saving features usually reserved for high-end premium spas. Intelligent PowerSMART technology like Dynamic Thermal Tuning and Smart Filtration are always at work reducing power consumption to ensure your spa costs less to run.

The compact control system and remote heater and disables the electric element resulting in massive savings design offers complete flexibility for installation in spas with to your electricity bill allowing your spa to be at temperature minimal space, but does not compromise on functionality with and ready to use 24/7. a host of advanced and energy saving features usually reserved for high-end premium spas.

Control your spa from anywhere in the world with the optional WiFi module and SpaLINK app:

  • Adjust temperature
  • Change settings
  • Control Pumps
  • Control lights

The WiFi module also enables SpaNET to provide global remote technical support and assistance.

With a host of The plug-n-play heat pump interface allows instant connection industry leading features, the PowerSMART SV Mini control is to a SV Series heat pump slashing heating costs by up to 75%. the obvious choice for powering your spa.


Slash your spa heating cost by up to 75% with the seamless integration of an optional SV series heat pump. Plug-n-play direct cable connection to SV Mini, no need for additional power circuits. Automatic heat pump detection and disabling of 0 electric element. Heat or cool your spa (from 10 C to 40 C) all conveniently controlled from the SV Mini keypad. If your spa is plumbed “heat pump ready” this energy saving option can be added at any time.

Thermal tuning reduces power consumption by eliminating unnecessary thermal cycling of the filtration pump and heater whilst maintaining the set temperature. The dynamic thermostat point constantly adapts and tunes to the thermal properties of the spa pool in its environment, day to day, season to season to minimise demand heat cycling and provide substantial energy savings.

Reduces power consumption by recognising the spa is filtering when heating and automatically adjusts filtration cycles to compensate. Other spa controls run fixed amounts of filtration and do not consider pump runtime whilst heating leading to higher energy consumption. This is avoided with Smart Filtration. Daily filtration runtime can be programmed from 1 - 24 hours.

The ten minute automatic daily sanitising cycle operates all pumps and the blower in sequence to purge plumbing lines while filtering and running the ozone/uv sanitisers. This feature prevents stagnant water accumulating in accessory pumps and blower lines during days when the spa is not being used, ensuring 100% of the water volume is santisied correctly every day.

Take control of when your spa is awake or asleep by easily programming a sleep timer via a simple keypad menu. The sleep timer disables automatic heating and filtration during the desired sleep period to silence the spa or prevent power consumption during certain times of day. No need to cancel sleep timers for manual spa use during sleep times - spa comes to life as soon as any keypad button is pressed and goes back to sleep once spa use is over.

The SV Mini is WiFi compatible and ready for connection to a SV SmartLINK WiFi module. Use the SpaNET SpaLINK smart device app to connect to and control your spa from anywhere in the world, at any time. The SpaLINK app becomes a wireless remote for your spa enabling complete control over all spa accessories including pumps, air blower and LED lights. In addition the app provides access to adjust every possible spa configuration setting including temperature adjustment. App available for both Apple iOS and Android devices.


To be fitted by a Licensed, Qualified and Experienced person. 

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