SpaNet XS 3000 / XS 2000 Heater Assembly - Element & Sensors

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Heater Size: XS-RH2000 2kW


Spanet XS Series 2kw & 3kw replacement element XS-RH3000 & XS-RH2000.
Suits all XS-2000 & XS-3000 SpaNet controllers. This heater can be fitted to a XS-3000 or XS-2000 spa control system.

Spanet XS Series 3kw replacement element XS-RH3000.
SpaNet XS Series 2kw replacement element XS-RH2000

*Important* Please note that all SpaNET XS-2000, XS-3000, and XS-4000 spare parts are now discontinued by the manufacturer. As stock from them is depleted, parts will no longer be available. We strongly recommend you consider upgrading your control system.

XS2000 Replacement System - Option 1

XS3000 Replacement System - Option 1 / Option 2

Heater can be fitted to a XS-3000 and also the XS-2000 (If labelled XS-2015, the customer has 15amp power supply to the spa, dip switch is set to load shed, running a circulation or two speed pump).

Comes with leads and sensors only unions are not included.

Commonly leak @ the optical sensor assembly due to water quality issues. 

Comes with Heater Element, Sensor, Leads

Common on Sapphire, Heritage, Maax, Lanark, and may other spas.

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