SpaNet XS 3000 / XS 2000 Heater Assembly - Element - Retrofit

Heater Size: XS-RH2000 2kW - Retrofit Heater

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Spanet XS Series 2kw & 3kw replacement element XS-RH3000 & XS-RH2000. Suits all XS-2000 & XS-3000 SpaNet controllers. This heater can be fitted to a XS3000 or XS2000 spa control system.

  • Spanet XS Series 3kw replacement element XS-RH3000
  • SpaNet XS Series 2kw replacement element XS-RH2000

Heater can be fitted to a XS-3000 and also the XS-2000 (If labelled XS-2015, it should have a 15amp power supply to the spa, dip switch is set to load shed, running a circulation or two speed pump).

Comes with leads and sensors only unions are not included.

Commonly leak @ the optical sensor assembly due to water quality issues. 

Comes with Heater Element, Sensor, Leads

Common on Monarch, Sapphire, Heritage, Maax, Lanark, and may other spas.

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