Waterway Buttress 50mm / 2" Spa Jet Diverter Valve Kit & Spare Parts

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Diverter Parts

Very common jet diverter used on spas since 2004. Suits Waterway 2" Diverter valves after 2004. Will have the word BUTTRESS stamped in the mould on the underside. Valve, Cap, Rotor, Handle, Seals. Gray, White, Scalloped & Textured styles available.  See notes below.

Approx 95mm diameter, 12mm thread height, cap thread diameter 70mm ID.

Do not confuse with the similar Hydroair diverter listed here.

Parts Available (Interchangeable):

  • Complete Diverter Valve
  • Valve Handles
  • Valve Caps
  • Valve Rotors / Gates
  • Valve O-ring Seals